New Sonic Colors: Ultimate Features Introduced in Spotlight Video

Sonic Colors is now in HD, so you can... see the colors better

We don’t know exactly what’s next for Sonic the Hedgehog in terms of brand new games, but we do know a shined-up remaster of Sonic Colors is around the corner. Ahead of its September 7, 2021 release date, Sega released a Sonic Colors: Ultimate trailer outlining this version’s new features.

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You can see the trailer below, which we recommend opening up in a new window for the full 1080/60 experience. Especially since the game’s visual upgrade is the marquee feature. Not only does Sonic Colors: Ultimate run at 60 frames per second and 4K if you have the hardware for it, the visuals in general have a bit more polish along with some lighting updates.

A new mode called Rival Rush is also introduced in the trailer, showing off a ghost challenge of sorts that sees players race Metal Sonic through stages to earn rewards. And speaking of rewards, there’s a degree of customizations players can unlock for Sonic through play, switching up things like his shoes and some of the VFX he generates.

The controls are fully customizable in the game itself, and there are also new features such as Tails Save points, a new Jade Ghost character that can go through walls and a 100 Count Ring collectible that makes Sonic invincible for a time and gives an extra score bonus. Finally, the whole soundtrack is “fully remixed,” which is something SOnic fans generally look forward to when it happens.

That’s all for now, but as you can see that’s all quite a huge difference compared to the original Sonic Colors Wii release. Are you looking forward to Sonic Colors: Ultimate? Let us know at Prima Games’ Facebook and Twitter feeds!


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