Storage on your home consoles has always been an issue since the last generation. As games get bigger and bigger the storage options available to players have been a hot-button issue. When the Xbox Series X|S was released, consumers could purchase an additional one terabyte of storage from Seagate that plugged directly into the back of the console.

New Seagate Storage Expansion Cards For Xbox Series X|S Now Include a 512 GB & 2TB Option

Today, Xbox has announced additional storage options for this card. It now offers a 512 GB and 2 TB option for consumers. 

The 512 Gb storage expansion costs $139.99 and is available for pre-order right here. It will launch in mid-November.

The 2TB storage expansion card costs $399.99 and can also be pre-ordered starting in November. This expansion will not launch until early December. 

While both of these options are still pricey, it’s at least an easy solution to adding additional storage to your Xbox if you are someone who always has multiple games installed on the console at one time. It is a bit weird though that for an additional $100 you could just buy a second Xbox Series X though. 

The one benefit to using the Seagate Expansion Card though is the ability to match the internal SSD speed of the Series X|S so all of your optimized games will run the same as if it was the internal SSD. 

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