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New Scribblenauts Game Pits Players Against Each Other

by Josh Hawkins

Scribblenauts is back and this time Warner Bros Interactive is bringing the party to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Set to launch of March 6, Scribblenauts Showdown will include an all-new versus mode, a classic sandbox mode, and a new Showdown mode. Up to four players will be able to compete and “imagine” their way onward to victory.

For those who haven’t followed the highly-acclaimed word-based game, Scribblenauts tasks players with spelling out words to create items and progress the game forward. Unlike the previous titles in the series, though, this time around players will have plenty of ways to compete against each other, including “wordy” and “speed” type games.

In “speedy” type games players will need to race to see who can type words the fastest and complete a given challenge before their opponent. Progress for the game will be tracked on a map that resembles that of a board game, and you can always see where you rack up against your opponents with ease.

In “wordy” type games, players will need to compete by pulling words from an in-game dictionary in an attempt to “outsmart” their opponent. Like the “speedy” type games, progression will be tracked on a board game style map, that way you can always see how you stand against your opponents.

In Versus mode players can go head to head in more than 25 different mini-games using the game’s built-in dictionary that includes 35,000 words. If you want to practice, you can also play the mini-games in solo mode, though what’s the fun in that?

The sandbox mode included in the game will work similarly to the way it has in past Scribblenauts games, and players will have 8 different levels to explore, summon within, and enjoy.

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