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There’s a Rockstar Games E3 Rumor Going Around, But Don’t Believe It

by Liana Ruppert

As we get closer to E3, the rumor mill continues to turn out some interesting leaks, predictions, and more from the gaming community. With previous leaks indicating that Rockstar Games may finally revealing the next step for their Bully franchise, a new rumor has arisen even though it doesn’t historically make sense. 

The latest rumor began on Reddit from a person that has alleged that they are attached to the project. According to the latest report, Rockstar is allegedly gearing up for an E3 reveal of their latest title. The only problem with that is Rockstar has always revealed their projects on their own time, never really sharing space during E3. Though we have no doubt that they are hard at work on what’s next now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, there is no evidence to support that a reveal will be happening during E3. 

Like all rumors, we always encourage our readers to take them with a grain of salt until the studios themselves make an official announcement. In this case in particular as more outlets pick up this rumor, it’s easy to get swept away in excitement, but Rockstar, in particular, has been know to do things their own way – including big reveals. 

We’ll be learning more soon enough because E3 officially kicks off on June 11 – 13. As for what the next announcement will be, we are hoping for a Bully 2, though a sneak peek at a new Grand Theft Auto wouldn’t be bad either.

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Liana Ruppert

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