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New Report Suggests Assassin’s Creed Unity Could Actually Help Rebuild the Notre Dame

by Liana Ruppert

Following a devastating fire that rocked the world as they watched the flames engulf the Notre Dame, a new report from GPS World suggests that a game might be the key to reconstruction efforts. That game? Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity. 

The world watched as the fire wrecked havok on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15th. The outrageous fire required almost 400 firefighters to take on the disaster, taking almost 5 hours to get under some form of control. Immediately, the government began on brainstorming reconstruction efforts and it turns out that the detailed 3D mapping of the Ubisoft game could be key in accurate representation on a 3-dimensional scale. 

The game itself is set during the Revolutionary War in Paris, and showcased a stunning time period in incredible detail. The recreation of the Notre Dame Cathedral itself was breathtakingly detailed as well, and the digital version is being considered as a basis for rebuilding the landmark in real life. 

Given that the Notre Dame in-game took up a majority of the development time, according to level designer Caroline Miousse, that specific eye for detail could be a massive help to those looking to restore the cathedral to its former glory. Miousse mentioned that that one building took them years as she agonized over old photos of the iconic building to make sure that Unity paid it the respect it deserved.

That’s not to say the replica was exact – but close enough to be a solid jumping point with its 3D mapping.

So far, Ubisoft hasn’t responded to the growing support of Unity being used as a tool for recreation, though we have reached out for comment. 



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