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New PS5 Design Leak Going Viral Is Fake

by Liana Ruppert

Design leaks for the next generation of consoles is nothing new but with Microsoft unveiling the Xbox Series X last week, the PlayStation camp has become overrun with rumors and leaks. The latest is an alleged image of the PlayStation 5 but if you ask us? We’d advise you to take this leak with a massive grain of salt. 

A recent Japan ad (via Resetera) reveals a ‘futuristic’ console with a Wii U-inspired controller with a release date set for 2020-12-4. That being said, it’s very easy to see that this image has a plethora of issues with it, including the Nacon gamepad, the disproportionate PS5 logo, and it’s not the usual aesthetic for a big reveal from the company – though the attempt to make it so is definitely there. 

Check it out below: 


Obvious aesthetics aside, the link to the actual image itself literally says “fake” in the url. While we did reach out to Sony for an official response, a close friend with inside sources just laughed hysterically at the design. So until proven otherwise, this new PS5 design leak is not only staying in the rumor pile, it’s probably never escaping. 

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