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New Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Research Update Arriving Soon

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most exciting things for players when it comes to a new set of Pokemon games is finding out all about the new Pokemon they will be able to catch and battle. This fondness for new Pokemon is ever-present for the upcoming video game titles of Sword and Shield for the high-profile entertainment franchise. However, the latest tease for the latest Pokemon to be revealed for Sword and Shield was shrouded in mystery. Fortunately, it looks as though this mysterious Pokemon for Sword and Shield will be officially revealed very soon. 

The official Pokemon Twitter account posted a Tweet on Monday, September 16th stating that there had been a technical issue with the announcement of the latest Pokemon for Sword and Shield. The message ended with the hope that the matter would be resolved quickly. 

This technical issue referenced by the Pokemon Twitter account is about the mysterious glitched out Pokemon that appeared on the official website for the Sword and Shield games. Only a little bit of information was revealed about this particular creature. 

It looks as though, however, the wait to find out what exactly this new Pokemon for Sword and Shield is will be over soon. 

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Nicholas Barth

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