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New Pokemon Snap Features Shown During Pokemon Presents

by Morgan Shaver

Ahead of the release of New Pokemon Snap on April 30, The Pokemon Company has decided to show a more detailed look at the game as part of their Pokemon Presents event on February 26.

In addition to being able to edit and share your photos, you’ll be able to get your photos rated by other players, adding additional incentive when it comes to taking some gorgeous snaps.

New Pokemon Snap Features Shown During Pokemon Presents

A trailer for New Pokemon Snap was shown today as part of the Pokemon Presents event. In the trailer, we get to see more of the beautiful Lental Region along with the Pokemon you’ll be able to take pictures of there. 

For fans of the original, the trailer confirms that several familiar features are returning, including the act of throwing fruit to capture a Pokemon’s attention. It seems like the way fruit is used in New Pokemon Snap has been altered slightly to emphasize a gentler approach.

If you never had the opportunity to play the original, fruit could actually be thrown at Pokemon and could strike them, and this was required in certain instances such as pushing a Pokemon into lava to get them to evolve.

If you wanted to fill out your PokeDex, you needed to figure out how to evolve these Pokemon, with each level serving as one large puzzle to notice everything and interact with everything that you’re able to interact with. 

New Pokemon Snap will help you with these puzzles even further with new camera features including the ability to scan your surroundings and discover hidden Pokemon.

In New Pokemon Snap, you’ll have other ways to create special photo opportunities with Pokemon in addition to fruit, which has an official name in the press release called fluffruit. 

You’ll reportedly be able to use items like Illumina orbs to make Pokemon glow and shine at night, and the effect shown in the trailer is lovely.

These Illumina orbs don’t appear to disturb or upset the Pokemon when used. The description provided in the press release also confirms that you can play a melody to get Pokemon to notice you. 

The game will offer a PokeDex feature like the original which you can fill out by taking photos of different Pokemon. Every time you snap a pic of a new Pokemon, that Pokemon discovery will be recorded in your PokeDex after you present your photos to Professor Mirror.

In the original Pokemon Snap, you interacted with Professor Oak. With New Pokemon Snap, you’re interacting with the aforementioned Professor Mirror. Playing through a course in New Pokemon Snap has more purpose than the original as you’ll be able to increase your research level.

As this happens, Pokemon will begin acting differently, and the press release notes that you’ll be able to encounter Legendary and Mythical Pokemon.

To further help you increase your research level, your photos will be scored in a similar manner to the original game. The things your photo’s score will be based on including the following:

  • Poses of each Pokemon
  • Pokemon size and location in the frame
  • Pokemon directly facing the camera

Once these elements have been analyzed, your photo will receive a score ranging from one to four stars.

Don’t worry if a photo you love doesn’t score as well as you’d hoped, as you’ll be able to save photos to a personal album where you can edit and adjust things like brightness, add filters, frames, stickers, and more. 

When you’re happy with a photo, you can interact with the game’s online feature where you’re able to share your photos with other players and compete with other players with ranking systems confirmed to be present in the game.

Overall, it sounds like New Pokemon Snap will be a delight for fans of the original to play as well as those who’ve never played Pokemon Snap before. The added intricacies and expanded online elements will give the game a lot of replayability, and looking at the trailer alone, the visuals are breathtaking.

We’re looking forward to jumping into the game on April 30. If you feel the same, you can pre-order the game right now for $59.99 (USD) on the Nintendo eShop or online at other retailers like Amazon and Target.

Stay tuned for more coverage of New Pokemon Snap here at Prima Games, and while we wait for the game’s release, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the new trailer. Are you excited about the new features like Illumina orbs? What do you think of the ranking system where you can compete with other players?

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