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New Paper Mario: The Origami King Game Revealed With Possible Metroid Teaser at the End

by Liana Ruppert

Nintendo started the day off right with an out-of-the-blue announcement of Paper Mario: The Origami King and is that a special Metroid teaser at the end, or are we just getting a little too excited for our own good?

The Origami King is meant to be the most challenging game in the Paper Mario franchise and will task Mario with going up against the malicious King Olly as he embarks on a journey to fold the entire world. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Mario game if Princess Peach was in trouble. Our favorite princess also finds her castle completely bound in streamers before its transported into a land far, far away. Even Bowser’s minions have found themselves in the crosshairs!

But there’s no challenge too great for our mustache’d hero, he’s got his own new toolbelt that is specifically ready to deal with this threat. He even has a new ability called 1000-Fold Arms that allows him to interact with the landscape by changing it completely, this will also allow players to uncover new locations as well!

The Origami King also introduces a new ring-based battle system that adds on to the puzzle aspect of the game, allowing players to deal out massive amounts of damage and control the battlefield. Combat meets puzzles, we’re all looking for a new challenge, right?

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New puzzles, Golly family reunites with his sister Olivia, and even an alliance with Bowser! Paper Mario: The Origami King looks to be the revival this franchise has been needing and one that fans seem incredibly excited to see. With the updated graphics that still remain faithful to the original aesthetic, The Origami King looks to be and incredible new experience.

If you want until the end of the above video, you’ll also see a little Metroid surprise. Could this be a tease of yet another announcement on the way or just a cute little Easter egg for fans of Nintendo’s other great franchise? We’ll learn soon enough, but for now, we’re just enjoying what was revealed!

Paper Mario: The Origami King officially arrives in the Nintendo Switch library on July 17, 2020!

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