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New Outlaw Tribe DLC Hits Shadow of War Today

by Josh Hawkins

Middle-earth: Shadow of War took the brilliance and violent battles of Shadow of Mordor and revamped them completely, bringing more of the epic, orc slaughter to players around the world. Of course, quite a bit has changed since Shadow of Mordor arrived in 2014, and with Shadow of War, WB has looked to make things even bigger.

Starting today players can dive into Shadow of War’s second DLC pack, Outlaw Tribe, which includes several new additions to the game’s complex Nemesis system, which allows the game’s AI to grow and become more challenging with each subsequent victory they have over the player.

The Outlaw Tribe isn’t just another band of merciless Uruks, though, and players will need to have their wits about them as they head in to take down this rebellious and defiant band, set on bringing Talion’s reign to an end. Featuring new weapons, unique fighting styles, and even a new fortress, players will have plenty to look forward to when it comes to diving into the DLC.

The new Outlaw Tribe DLC will include

  • Outlaw Showdowns – New missions with unique challenges.
  • Outlaw War Bands – Battles where players will need to work with their allies to hold off war bands from the Outlaw Tribe.
  • New Fortress Theme – Players can now channel their inner outlaw by setting up their fortresses’ theme to match that of the ruthless Outlaw Tribe.
  • New Legendary Gear Set – New Legendary Orcs to hunt down and claim Legendary Gear from.
  • Purge groups – Deadly ambushes led by Outlaw Captains attempting to cleanse the land of Talion’s influence.

Check out the new trailer for the DLC below to see what you can expect from WB Games’ latest offering.

Additionally, players will also get an added bonus when they update their game today, as a free download has been relesaed that includes the all-new Gravewalker difficulty scaling, which offers the highest difficulty level available in the game, making Talion’s ever-growing team of nemeses even stronger by removing the last chance system from the game. Players can pick up the DLC as part of the Expansion Pass, which costs $39.99, or they can purchase the Outlaw Tribe individually for $14.99 on Windows 10 Store, Steam, the PlayStation and Xbox stores alike. 

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