One-Punch Man is definitely one of those animes out that you need to check out. It's hilarious, it's action-packed, it's borderline perfect. With season 2's end on the horizon, the announcement of a new game based off of the popular anime comes at the perfect time with One-Punch Man: Road to Hero coming soon. 

Road to Hero is a mobile game from the studio over at Oasis. The timing is even better because the mobile title's narrative centers around the ending of season 2, giving fans a chance to continue on the adventure long after the show's end. Though the game itself isn't quite ready to be release, pre-registration has begun for Road to Hero for both Android and iOS players. 

Still not sold on pre-registering? Register early and Oasis Games promises a super special in-game gift based off of the anime to sweeten the deal a little further. 

The original voice actors have also been confirmed for the new game, though details are scarce at this time other than the fact that the game will be chapter-based and follow closely to the main series. We also know that there will be up to 50 characters for players to collect in this turn-based experience in addition to intense fights, various modes, and so much more.

 There is no release date at this time, but you can learn more - and pre-register - through CrunchyRoll right here