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New No Man’s Sky Next Gameplay Reveals Multiplayer and More

by Josh Hawkins

July 24 is quickly approaching, which means it is almost time for players to dive into the newest free update for No Man’s Sky. Titled No Man’s Sky Next, the new update will be available later this month and will include full support for multiplayer thanks to a lot of hard work on the developer’s part.

You can check out a teaser for the new trailer above, where you’ll see not only some nice new fauna and flora, but also the full inclusion of multiplayer in the world. Team up with your friends and dive into the endless world of No Man’s Sky like never before. It’s great to see the developer’s finally fulfilling the promise to bring multiplayer to No Man’s Sky’s beautiful world, and we’re sure that many fans out there are excited to dive in and try the newest update to the game out for themselves.

On top of being completely free, No Man’s Sky Next will also be available on every platform that supports the base game, giving everyone who wants to play access to the joys of exploring the massive universe that No Man’s Sky Next has to offer.

The update also includes some major visual overhauls, including:

  • The ability to play in both third and first person.
  • Improved visuals when exploring space.
  • Improved visuals when exploring the surfaces of planets and moons.
  • More detail to ships, NPCs, and buildings throughout the world.

Players can also expect to be able to command new Freighters, which can be assembled into a fleet and used across the galaxy and universe to set up trade groups and more. We’ll have more information and strategy content on No Man’s Sky as we get closer to launch, so make sure to stay tuned to see what new content you can enjoy in the upcoming free update.



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