When the Nintendo Switch Lite first hit the market, outside of the limited-edition Pokemon version, it came in three colors: Teal, Yellow, and Grey. Now a new color has emerged ahead of Spring in the form of a beautifully vibrant coral color that will be coming this April. 

When this color option was first announced, it was speculated to be a Japan-only option but Nintendo of America quickly did away with that concern, announcing that the latest color option is coming to western gamers on April 3rd: 

While exciting, the responding comments all seemed to have one clear thing in mind: forget the hardware, show us more of that Animal Crossing business that we want so badly. That, and "Corraaaal" Walking Dead jokes because those will never die no matter how much we may wish them to. 

Personally, I'm still holding out on a throwback to the glorious N64 era where we had an array of transparent color options. Atomic Purple was my jam but the Watermelon and Neon Green options were also beloved console themes as well. It's time to bring those back, Nintendo, we need them. We need them hard. 

The newest Nintendo Switch Lite will be officially available on April 3rd, are you excited? Hit us up with what you think of the latest Nintendo Switch Lite over on Twitter @PrimaGames, or tell us which colors you'd like to see next!