Need For Speed continues to roll along for Electronic Arts, especially following last year’s release of the intriguing The Run.  But this year, the company seems to really be pushing the franchise forward, if rumors are to be believed.

It’s expected that the company will announce Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in just a few weeks’ time.  But the thing we didn’t see coming was the rumor that the company was working on an all new racing experience specifically for the PlayStation Vita.

Criterion Games, the makers of the Burnout series and 2010’s Hot Pursuit, have posted a job listing for a software engineer that lists “optimizing and tuning the game resource system for the PS Vita”.  It’s since been changed to “optimizing and tuning the game resource system for other platforms”, but it still left us thinking…is the series coming to Sony’s handheld?

We’ll let you know once we get official confirmation.  But a handheld Need For Speed would definitely hit the spot.