New Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer Brings The Smoke

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

During the Kombat Kast, Netherrealm Studios revealed a new trailer for Mortal Kombat 1. The trailer focuses on the Lin Keui clan and all of the ninjas that inhabit the organization. Check out the trailer below.

New Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer Brings The Smoke

The trailer showcases two new fighters to Mortal Kombat 1’s roster, Smoke and Rain. Both are playable fighters in the game, and you can see their gruesome moveset throughout the trailer.

Smoke, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion’s mission is to protect Earthrealm from the new threat it faces now that Liu Kang has reset the universe at the end of Mortal Kombat 11. Smoke is back with a new look and all-new arsenal; you’re not ready for this Smoke.

The trailer also highlights some new Kameo Fighters, the game’s assist characters that help change the dynamic of a fight and enhance your combos. You can see Sektor, Cyrax, Frost, and Scorpion all joining the battle as you beat the living hell out of your opponents.

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Rain, the High Mage of Outworld, is a fan favorite, finally making his return to the Mortal Kombat series launch roster. Rain was added as DLC in Mortal Kombat 11, but is part of the main roster this time around.

The trailer shows off some story cutscenes, fatality carnage, and a ton of blood. Rain and Smoke are clearly highlighted in this trailer, but there is still so much left to see in Mortal Kombat 1.

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Mortal Kombat 1 releases on September 19, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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