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New Mario Kart 8 Info

by Bryan Dawson

Nintendo has released a new trailer and new information concerning its upcoming WiiU title, Mario Kart 8. Taking a look at the trailer and the new information released by Nintendo there are several new items, tracks, characters, and features. The biggest new feature is item customization which has been greatly expanded from the limited customization seen in Mario Kart 7. The new customization is similar to the match customization in Super Smash Bros. Players will be able to race with only specific items, or with no items at all.

The new characters announced today are Lakitu, Metal Mario, and Shy Guy. The new tracks include the Nintendo 64 version of Rainbow Road, Donuts Plain 3, Moo Moo Meadows, Royal Raceway, and Toad Turnpike. The new items are the boomerang and Piranha Plant. You can see some of the new characters, tracks, and items in the trailer below.

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