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New Mafia Game Reportedly In Development Alongside Mafia I & II Remaster

by Liana Ruppert

Though Mafia III wasn’t the smashing success that the studio hoped for, many have been curious as to where this franchise would go. Since it’s the age of remasters over the past several years, a remaster of the original two games shouldn’t be that surprising but another rumor on top of that also states that a new Mafia game altogether is on the way. While a report is circulating pretty heavily currently, the original source dates back to one YouTuber that uncovered the patent earlier this year, which means exciting things for fans of all things Mafia. 

In the above video from YouTuber ‘Skullzi TV’, the pending and active trademarks can be seen. The original Mafia and Mafia II both have pending trademarks in addition to a brand new project under the same franchise. He also provided an in-depth Mafia 4 video breaking down all of the evidence that seems to line-up for a new game right here

With Take-Two Interactive being so trademark-happy with the Mafia franchise, it seems that this series might not be as dormant as we originally thought. While the studio behind the Mafia series has neither confirmed nor denied the recent trademark speculation, the evidence does seem to be mounting which will be interesting to see where this game narrative goes next after the very split reaction towards the previous entry. 

Would you want to see another Mafia stab or do you think this franchise should rest for a while longer? What would your dream Mafia 4 setting be? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think! 

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