The Star Wars Celebration this year gave fans of the galaxy far, far away a ton of awesome news to ponder over. From Respawn's new Jedi: Fallen Order, to delicious new Star Wars movie news, there is definitely a lot to unpack from the previous week. Apparently, we're also getting a new LEGO Star Wars game according to a recent developer slip.

As seen in the video above, one of the live stage interviews included Matthew Wood, a veteran of Skywalker Sound.  Wood also voiced General Grievous and it wa during the above interview that he let it slip he was working on several new Star Wars projects, including a new LEGO Star Wars game. Unfortunately for Wood, neither Warner Bros. or LucasFilm revealed this particular tid-bit of information - meaning Woods let out a major whoopsie, but one that fans of the LEGO take can savor. 

With so many new Star Wars-based shows and projects in the works, the new take from LEGO could mean anything - but if General Grievous is in the picture, that at least narrows down the possibilities a little bit. Given that he wasn't even supposed to announce this, the timeline speculation is just that: Speculation. 

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