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New Leaf Has New Stores

by Prima Games Staff

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you start out as mayor of your town rather than a new villager. Your house is larger, and so are your responsibilities. You’re a real big shot now, setting Town Ordinances and conducting Public Works Projects. But you’re not the only one who gets a promotion. There are several new shops run by some familiar and new faces.

Tom Nook has appeared in every Animal Crossing game as the owner of the town store, but in New Leaf he’s done selling general wares. Nook’s Homes is a real estate agency owned by Tom Nook and run by Lyle. For the right price you can add expansions to your house and determine what additional space you want to buy.

With Tom Nook dedicated to other ventures, the town store is in need of new owners. Alpacas Reese and Cyrus take up the charge with their shop, Re-Tail. Villagers can visit Re-Tail to sell and purchase items, as well as re-upholster furniture. Reese, the pink alpaca, does the buying and selling, while Cyrus, the blue alpaca, just does a lot of napping. At least that’s how things start out. After you sell 100,000 Bells worth of items to Reese, acquire 100 different types of furniture and 50 different items form the Re-Tail catalog, and have been in town for at least seven days, Cyrus’s upholstery side of the shop is unlocked.

Kicks, the shoe shiner in Animal Crossing: City Folk, is back with his own shoe store. There, you’ll find goodies for your footies including shoes, socks, and other footwear. Kicks’ shop opens a few days after you have spent 8,000 Bells at the Able Sisters’ tailor shop.

Working with foliage has always been a large part of Animal Crossing, and in New Leaf there is a new Gardening Store to assist even the greenest of thumbs. Run by a sloth named Leif, this store sells flowers, saplings, additionally plants, and tools for trees, such as axes. The Gardening Store is available after the Nookling Junction store has been upgraded.

Club LOL is a new entertainment destination, with hot tunes from K.K. Slider at night, and stand up from Dr. Shrunk during the day. K.K. Slider’s music will have you grooving and in addition to putting on live shows, you can also catch him spinning under the name DJ K.K. For a matinee retreat Dr. Shrunk has you covered with his own brand of storytelling. You’ll learn to express emotions you never knew you had.

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