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New Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch Tackles Performance Issues and Crashes

by Eric Garrett

Following the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, fans were beyond excited to jump into the adventure with Aloy and company on a new platform. Unfortunately, many folks were met with a bit of resistance in the form of bugs, crashes, and more. That said, Guerrilla Games is on the case and they’ve now released another patch to improve the port.

Taking to Reddit, the developers outlined what their focus was for the newest patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. The first patch, which arrived last week, pinpointed a few key issues that were causing crashes for players. Patch 1.02, on the other hand, has put a handful of issues in its sights. For starters, the devs have fixed the issue that caused players to experience a crash during the optimization upon first launching the game. Another issue to be taken care of is the one that caused crashes after players updated their video drivers following the game being optimized. Crash-inducing bugs featuring texture unstreaming and memory being overwritten incorrectly have also been fixed.

In addition to all of this, the new Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch has introduced a few improvements to the game. Performance when auto-saving, V-sync will not properly turn off while in borderless mode, memory has been reduced when streaming shaders, and an issue that caused players to experience out of sync facial animations are all the focus of these new improvements. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, as the devs have also implemented new features to improve how players can identify and report bugs. After all, if all of the issues are to be hammered out, communication will be key.

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Horizon Zero Dawn has had a rocky start on PC, but there is no denying that the developers are doing what they can to iron out any issues. This is the second patch in as many weeks, and with more work to be done, it likely won’t be long for another one to come along. Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. For even more on Aloy and friends, be sure to check out our game hub!

What do you think about all of this? Are you glad to see the developers focusing on ensuring the Horizon Zero Dawn experience is in tip-top shape on PC? Have you been experiencing any of these game-crashing bugs since launch? Sound off with your thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!

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