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New Halo Infinite Nerf Life Teased, Coming This Year

by Liana Ruppert

A new Halo Infinite Nerf line is being teased and we’re praying for raining Needlers. This isn’t the first time the Halo franchise has teamed up with Nerf and we sure hope it won’t be the last, but what we do want is a look at what’s on the way because right now we just have a small teaser image and a pun-filled caption: 

People seemed pretty jazzed about the newly announcement about an actual announcement coming later and who could blame them? I’m a huge Halo fan myself, which you can see at the bottom of the article because I’m a shameless fangirl, and I’m always looking to add more to my collection. Maybe they’ll include some Energy Sword variants, though that doesn’t usually fall in line with Nerf’s usual design. 

While we’re definitely stoked to see more, we, unfortunately, don’t have really any information to go on at this time. No release date info, no product info – nothing but two logos chillin’ in a green square. But, we know more revelations are on the horizon so keep it tuned in here at PrimaGames because we’ve definitely got all eyes on this promising new collectibles line. 

UPDATE:  Shortly after publishing this we were provided a press release with more information! The team will be adding three weapons from the game to their line-up coming on October 1st including the MA40 Blaster, the SPNKR Blaster, and the Needler with a purple, orange, and maroon variation.