Grand Theft Auto Vi talk continues to ramp up in fervor since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the rumors surrounding the future of the GTA franchise have only gotten more common. From anonymous leaks all over the internet, to murmurs from alleged devs, the rumors are endless it seems for what's on the horizon. Now a new leak has emerged that alleges the return of Liberty City and Vice City as well as "big plans" for an online mode. 

Our sources have revealed what the mysterious new document has to offer as far as these "big plans." It looks like Grand Theft Auto VI will have a major focus on its online mode, not unlike that of GTA V's, though it will allegedly be shooting to be much more ambitious than its predecessor. 

As far as location goes, which has definitely been a hot topic, the next GTA will reportedly have the player step into the shoes of an up-and-coming criminal trying to make a name for themselves in Liberty City. From there, players will reportedly join a "famous gang" in Vice, bringing back two major areas for the franchise. 

According to an older leak, the next Grand Theft Auto title will allegedly be a PlayStation 5 launch title for 2020, though Sony has yet to comment on the validity of said rumor. Also, Rockstar is notorious for keeping a tight lid on rumors and when a few seep through, they are very good at turning the other way. 

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