Weeks ago, SNK promised that additional games would be released for its Neo Geo X console, expanding upon the 21 game line-up with more than a dozen classic games to choose from, including fighters, action games and unique titles.  Today, the company kept its promise.

The five additional game packs are now available for purchase, and will set you back $24.99 apiece.  You can also buy them all in one shot for $79.99, saving yourself nearly $50 in the process while scoring a travel charging cable and firmware update for your trouble.

The packs consist of the following games:

-Vol. 1: Sengoku, Metal Slug 2, Top Hunter: Roddy and Cathy

-Vol. 2: Samurai Shodown 3, Savage Reign, Super Sidekicks 3

-Vol. 3: The King of Fighters '96, Blazing Star, Kizuna Encounter

-Vol. 4: Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Shock Troopers, World Heroes 2 Jet

-Vol. 5: The Last Blade, Blue's Journey, Art of Fighting 3

It's good to see Blue's Journey and Garou: Mark of the Wolves come back, but we want Eightman.  

The Neo Geo X console is available now for $199.99.