On the heels of the forthcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening, which will be releasing for Nintendo 3DS next month, Nintendo let loose this morning with a new announcement for Wii U, one that will bring over the most anticipated crossover since, well, Project X Zone's announcement yesterday.

Atlus is working with Intelligent Systems (the developers of the Fire Emblem franchise) on a new project that will cross over the Fire Emblem universe with that of Shin Megami Tensei, a franchise that's been going for years on the PlayStation 2 and, soon, the PS3.  The game will have a new approach that will easily intertwine both universes, and should be epic stuff for RPG lovers.  No word yet on a release date, but early 2014 looks likely.

Meanwhile, Monolithsoft, the developer who brought us the breathtaking Xenoblade Chronicles, is working on a new project as well, and though an official name hasn't been given to it yet, it bears very familiar gameplay to Xenoblade fans, and will incorporate some kind of multiplayer components, so you can play with friends online through the Nintendo Network.  More information should be available during E3.