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New Evil Within 2 Trailer Suggests Humans Are The Real Monsters

by Christopher Buffa

Horror fans will have plenty of twisted abominations to outlast and kill in Bethesda’s grisly-looking sequel, The Evil Within 2. The game’s latest trailer, though, suggests that human beings might be this survival horror adventure’s most fearsome adversaries.

In The Photographer, we meet Stefano Valentini, a retired war reporter who loses an eye following an explosion.  Instead of figuring out how to live with this challenge and become a peaceful member of society, Valentini transforms into a serial killer who is obsessed with taking images of people the moment before they die. 

Since it’s nearly impossible to predict when someone is about to croak and then show up right before they pass, Valentini captures victims and then tortures them in order to artificially produce these moments. 

While it remains to be seen how Valentini fits into the game’s twisted plot, he and protagonist from the first Evil Within, Detective Sebastian Castellanos, will likely cross paths somewhere in Union, an alternate dimension filled with horrors.  It appears that in exploring Union and dealing with Valentini, Sebastian will move closer to uncovering the mystery of his daughter, Lily, who was thought to have died but might be alive and held captive by the Mobius corporation. But be careful, or Sebastian will become Valentini’s most recent art subject. 

The original Evil Within was a welcome surprise and homage to old school survival horror. Our complete The Evil Within walkthrough is one of the most popular guides on the site because of its many puzzle solutions and enemy strategies, and we expect developer Shinji Mikami to conjure even more frightening moments with the sequel, which will debut for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 13. Make sure to come back to Prima to find out how to beat the game’s monsters and solve its puzzles.  


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