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New Dying Light 2 Trailer Revealed At E3 2019

by John Cooper

Microsoft is going hard this year, you’d think they could take it easy with the lack of Sony at E3, but apparently, they’re trying to put out enough good news for both of them. They’ve been kind enough to show off some more Dying Light 2 footage and it looks intense. This game seems to be focussing more on the after effects of the horrific zombie disease that ravaged the world in the first game, but this time you are trying to deal with the consequences. 

Playing as a character named Aiden, you are trying to make your way through this messed up world, but there’s a catch. Not only is the world horrible, but you’re also infected with the virus as well. This will no doubt play into the gameplay loop with you having to try and find a cure, or keep taking shots in order to maintain your humanity. The story itself is meant to be hugely interactive and the ambition of the project is impressive, let’s just hope they can pull it off.

It could also tie into the RPG elements from the first game, maybe you’ll have access to over-the-top new abilities thanks to your mutation, or maybe you’ll just slowly descend into madness as the hunger takes over. Either way, we get to see more when the game releases in 2020. Hopefully, we get a more specific release date soon, but 2020 is better than nothing. 

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