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New Dungeons & Dragons Game Will Be Revealed At The Game Awards 2019

by Liana Ruppert

The Game Awards 2019 is just a few hours away and it looks like a new Dungeons & Dragons game is in the cards.

The official D&D Twitter teased something for tonight’s showcase, tagging in Tuque Games with a message of “See you [at the] Game Awards.” This is especially exciting for D&D fans given that this studio previously confirmed they are working on a new Dungeons & Dragons game earlier this year, though the specifics of the game have yet to be revealed: 

Some speculated that this could be an update to Eye of the Beholder or a Storm Kings Thunder adaptation, but it also could have something new entirely. Given that Baldur’s Gate is firmly in Larian’s territory now, it’s safe to assume nothing BG-related will be a part of the reveal. 

Given that the image is Harshnag, it looks likely that the upcoming game will be a Storm Kings Thunder Adaptation, as mentioned above, or Waterdeep. We’ll know soon enough because The Game Awards is officially going down tonight. 

We have already had a few confirmed reveals already by Geoff Keighley, including a new look at what’s next for the Ori franchise. As mentioned already, take all leaks with a grain of salt. We’ll know for ourselves soon enough when the Game Awards 2019 show kicks off later today at 5:30 PT. 

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