Dreams, the video game creation suite on PlayStation 4 and 5 is receiving a massive update today. Developer Media Molecule has put out a brand new third-person dungeon crawler and a totally revamped UI for Dreams.

New Dreams Update Brings Third Person Dungeon Crawling & A Brand New Way To Create 

All of the details for this new update were put out in a PlayStation Blog post. Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a third-person dungeon crawler created by the Media Molecule team themselves and showcases the power of what players can create inside of Dreams. 

It features single-player and local co-op, frantic combat, and just generally a good vibe. If you haven’t hopped back into Dreams this might be a reason to check what’s been up. 

Also, if you’ve felt overwhelmed by trying to create in Dreams, Media Molecule has you covered, the totally revamped UI is designed to make it less intimidating to jump in and start creating. 

The team is doing this by introducing templates, which help guide you through specific types of genres like a 2D platformer and more.

Here’s a more detailed excerpt directly from the blog post. 

“On the new Start Creating screen, you’ll be able to access the overview page for each template. We’ve indicated the difficulty of each template (and in some cases the parts within each template) for varying experience levels. Beginner templates are all about letting you get comfy with creating by letting you simply stamp in elements, medium-difficulty templates introduce the idea of wiring things together, and more advanced templates cover techniques such as how to optimise your game.”

What do you think about the new Dreams update? Are you looking to hop back in, or have you been creating this whole time? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages, or leave a comment down below.