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New Donkey Kong Country for Wii

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo has confirmed rumours that Retro Studios is working on a new Donkey Kong game – Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii.

It’s due out this Christmas and judging by the trailer shown during Nintendo’s E3 conference, it’s a 2D platform game.

Donkey was seen bopping enemies on the head in lush jungle environments, swinging on vines, collecting bananas and even doing the mine cart race. It even had familiar music. 1996 forever!

More info arrived after the conference in a fact sheet. “Controlled by a group of evil Tikis, the animals in Donkey Kong Island have raided Donkey Kong’s Banana Hoard and stolen his stash of bananas.” Not again!

Apparently DKC Returns will include 3D elements along with the 2D platforming seen at the conference, and yes Diddy Kong is involved – he has a jetpack and a Peanut Pop Gun.

With Diddy on board, you and a friend can play co-op. Diddy can ride on Donkey’s back and hop off whenever he likes for jump-in multiplayer.

What else? Secret rooms, most likely – at the very least “surprises”, puzzle pieces and K-O-N-G letters will be dotted around levels. And yes, mine carts. Get in.

Video: DKC Returns!