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New The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours Trailer Shows Off First Eight-Player Raid In Franchise’s History

by Liana Ruppert

Ubisoft has revealed their first eight-person raid for The Division franchise with Operation Dark Hours. To celebrate a huge first for The Division fans and those actively playing its sequel, the studio has revealed a brand new trailer that shows off exactly what raid fans can expect during Operation Dark Hours. 

Ubisoft promises that this will be the toughest adventure for The Division fans yet and will be very reliant on team communication and balance. According to the studio, “Operation Dark Hours will test the teamwork and ability of the most experienced agents who have reached World Tier 5 and defeated Tidal Basin. Operation Dark Hours will bring Agents to Washington National Airport, controlled by the Black Tusks who are using it to fly in even more soldiers and supplies. Capturing the airport will strike a significant blow to their operations. Players will discover that the technology available to the Black Tusk is even more advanced than what they had to face so far.

“Players will take on some of the games’ most challenging bosses yet. In a team of 8 players, agents will have to figure out the fight mechanics and work closely as a team to execute their strategy in order to overcome these tenacious opponents. The Raid will reward players with exclusive loot, such as new gear sets, an exotic weapon as well as other unique rewards.”

There’s a special reward in it too for the first team to complete Operation Dark Hours! The first team to do a successful run of the raid will be forever immortalized in the game with their team photo on display in The Division 2’s White House for all players to see. For those that come in after between the 16th – 23rd will be awarded with a commemorative Arm Patch and clan banner icon. 

As for the game itself, The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Liana Ruppert

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