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New Diablo IV Gameplay Video Shows Off Epic Boss Fight

by Liana Ruppert

More Diablo IV gameplay footage ready for you to enjoy courtesy of our friends over at Game Informer! Interested in boss fights? We’ve got boss fights thanks to new footage, this time against a huge monstrous being named Ashava the Pestilent! 

Diablo has always had a very specific gameplay style but the footage below shows off more of the combat within Diablo franchise’s art style. The updated shaders and more animated interactions, it looks both familiar to Diablo players without looking dated and the combat looks like what one would expect from the latest game in the franchise.  

Missed out on the big reveal? Check out our previous Diablo IV coverage right here for all the latest trailers, including some gameplay! 

Are you excited for Diablo IV and all of its boss fight glory, or is the recent Hong Kong controversy too much to overlook when looking at the future ahead with Blizzard? Sound off with your thoughts and what you’re most excited for over on Twitter @PrimaGames! In the meantime, enjoy the Diablo IV gameplay footage below against Ashava: 

For more about Diablo IV, courtesy of Blizzard: “Lilith has returned to Sanctuary, summoned by a dark ritual after eons in exile. Her return ushers in an age of darkness and misery.” Learn more about the game itself with our game hub here. 

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