Late last year we learned that IO Interactive would be working on a 007 game. After a brief teaser trailer that gave no information other than the fact that it was the Bond license, we’ve been waiting around to learn more.

New Details About Project 007 State It Will Not Be Based Off The Movie Actors

It’s no surprise we don’t know much about the game yet, considering IOI just put out the wonderful Hitman 3 last week. 

However, some new details have appeared thanks to the folks at who translated some Danish website articles to find this information. 

It sounds like this will be a brand new James Bond, nothing to do with any existing actors or movie plotlines. This will be a Bond created specifically for the video game.

It’s going to be an original storyline with hopes of turning it into a trilogy. Currently, IOI consists of 200 employees but is looking to staff up to around 400 to work on this game.

It’s a small tidbit of information, but enough to get our gears turning and the speculation train to pull out of the station. What kind of Bond game is IO Interactive capable of making? After the Hitman trilogy’s success, I believe it’s safe to assume the franchise is in great hands. 

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