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New Death Stranding Teaser Trailer Revealed, Big Announcement Set For May 29

by Liana Ruppert

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is one of the biggest mysteries in gaming right now but it looks like for those anxiously awaiting some form of sense to be made out of all of the previous reveals, as well as a release date, might be getting both here soon! May 29th, to be exact. To tease a bigger announcement on the horizon, Kojima-san has released a small teaser trailer to get fans hyped: 

But what does it all mean? The hell if we know, but at least we know we’re not alone in the confusion and the desire to know more. The 30-second teaser above shows off the rippling water, an effect used in previous teasers, with a handprint cutout teasing more Norman Reedus. Captioned “Create the rope,” the mystery just keeps getting more muddled, though hopefully tomorrow’s big reveal will offer some clarity.

Death Stranding is currently slated for a PlayStation 4 release with murmurs of PlayStation 5 support as well, though we don’t have an official release window at this time. As previously mentioned, Death Stranding is a total mystery. Though we’ve had plenty of trailers and character introductions, still – none of us have any idea what the hell is actually going on. Kojima-san is known for his exuberant creative energy and for those that have been involved with the project – or have seen a glimpse themselves – the overall reaction has been one of stunned respect. 

Looking back at everything we’ve seen and heard so far, it’s easy to get carried away and respect his process. Kojima-san is a pro when it comes to the tease and he’s a darn artist when it comes to painting a picture without giving away too much. He has the perfect hook and we are definitely all baited as we anxiously await official release date news.

Liana Ruppert

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