Had enough of fighting zombies in paradise?  We didn’t think so, and now it looks like you’ll be doing more of it.

According to a pair of trademarks recently filed by the game’s developer, Techland, we can expect at least two more Dead Island adventures coming our way.

The first is titled “Dead Island Riptide,” and though the developer isn’t talking about what this project is yet, it very much sounds like a sequel, one where we’ll once again be thrust into a troubled paradise, fighting the undead from a first-person perspective.

The second, “Dead Stop,” sounds more like a mobile experience, as the description indicates that the project includes “entertainment services and providing an online game via an application for mobile phones and other electronic apparatus.”  But then again, your guess is as good as ours.

Regardless, we’re happy to see that this series is continuing to lumber on.  Now if only we get to use a chainsaw somewhere down the road…

Look for more information on Dead Island Riptide and Dead Stop soon!