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Fans Think They’ve Found a New Bully 2 Teaser

by Liana Ruppert

Following screenshots and Easter eggs found, it seems that the Bully 2 teasers have only just begun when it comes to Rockstar Games and one of their mainstay franchises outside of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. The latest teaser comes not from a game, but from the company’s merch website, and this find is ramping up Bully 2 as the next reveal rumors like something fierce. 

Currently on the Rockstar Warehouse fans can purchase three new hats. One of the hats is a blue with gold embellishments representing the Bullworth Academy with the engraving “Property of Bullworth Academy Cap.” Now some may think this is just a way for Rockstar to offer fans merch of the first game, an entry that many loved and cherish to this day, but social media – including sites like Reddit – seem absolutely sure that this is a hint that a sequel reveal is underway. 

Rockstar has already mentioned in the past that they were planning on revisiting the Bully franchise, though its consecutive order in the title release lineup seemed a bit shady. Though they mentioned they would like it to be the next release following Red Dead Redemption 2, that secured spot in release schedule was never actually confirmed.  

The latest hat’s arrival is recent with many on this particular reddit thread saying it wasn’t there even last week. Some are even calling it “the most concrete evidence so far,” though the studio itself has yet to make comment. For those not familiar with Rockstar, they’re pretty good at keeping a secret when they want to and they always do announcements on their own terms. Unlike other companies, they forgo avenues such as E3 and prefer a more direct approach when it comes to surprising fans. 

As with all rumors and speculation, we reiterate what we always say when reporting on rumors: take them with a massive grain of salt. Though a recent store listing looks promising, Rockstar themselves have yet to announce a sequel officially. Despite how likely one is, it’s important to keep in mind what has been confirmed and what is purely speculation. 

There has definitely been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming sequel. Previous rumors suggested that the game wasn’t cancelled and will instead feature a college-theme for our protagonist. A familiar protagonist but a new enough setting for unlimited potential. What do you think about the latest Bully 2 alleged teaser? Plausible, or just grasping at straws? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames with your thoughts! 

Liana Ruppert

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