Battlefield 3 has received its fourth DLC add-on, Aftermath, and with it comes a new, newcomer-friendly mode by the name of Scavenger.

Scavenger starts players off with a single pistol, grenade and specialization.

The map in Scavenger contains a bunch of flag points you’re tasked with capturing, a fast process much like that in Conquest Domination. "We want people to be running around exploring the map to its fullest," said Battlefield 3’s producer Craig Mcleod at a recent press event.

Each Scavenger map will have a scattering of weapons ranged at three levels. The lower-tiered guns will be located in zones where your chances of survival aren’t too bad. If you’re after grabbing something with a little more clout, however, you’ll need to stray nearer the flags and open areas where you’ll put yourself at a much greater risk.

Scavenger disables class benefits and takes away any gains made by leveling up weapons in order to make things fair on newcomers. "If you've leveled up that weapon for 400 hours that's not going to help you in this mode," Mcleod explained. "It's how good you are. So new players won't feel daunted getting into this pack.

"This is great because it doesn't matter if you've played for ten thousand hours or if you're new and you've just bought Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, everyone starts on a level playing field. It comes down to skill."

The Battlefield 3 Premium Edition is priced at $59.99 and will get you all the game’s expansions so far, and it grants you early access to those still to come. You’ll also receive a bunch of weapon kit unlocks to serve as a newcomer welcome.

If you were to purchase the Premium subscription on its own it’d set you back $49.99 as it is; the bang for buck ratio is pretty good.