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New Batman, Harry Potter Games Were Reportedly Slated for an E3 2020 Reveal

by Liana Ruppert

The news that E3 2020 is cancelled broke earlier this week due to growing coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns and now companies are looking to restrategize their plans with digital showcases instead. That being said, new information has come to light about what one of the showcases would have offered and it’s a doozy. Warner Bros. was looking to make its grand E3 debut with a few highly desired title announcements, including a new Harry Potter and Batman game.

In a recent report from Kotaku, Warner Bros. had plans to host their first E3 presser this year with a special showcase of the long-rumored Batman game and a new Harry Potter adventure. Warner Bros. has been teasing fans with a Court of Owls Batman experience for well over a year now so to learn that the official reveal was reportedly planned is both exciting and disappointing that it won’t be live on an excitable main stage. 

The same report also alleged an additional gaming experience was to be revealed from Rocksteady, the team behind the original Arkham team. Whether or not these will be revealed at another event or in a private showcase remains to be seen. 

As for Harry Potter, Kotaku alleges that a Harry Potter RPG was going to make its grand debut taking the Harry Potter franchise to even bigger heights with an immersive experience for fans to get lost in. While it’s sad to see that we won’t be seeing those titles on the E3 showfloor in person this year, the ESA and numerous developers have reached out to declare that digital options are being explored and more information will be dropping soon. 

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