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New Batman Arkham Game Planned For Release Later This Year

by Prima Games Staff

“NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA – ME.”- Batman singing to himself over the pleasant news that made the rounds this morning.

During a Warner Bros. financial reports call, it was revealed that the company, still high on the success from its sales of the 2011 release Batman: Arkham City, will be releasing a new game featuring the Dark Knight later this year.  It’ll have the Arkham moniker, just as that game and its previous release, Arkham Asylum, did, and may even introduce a few new villains in the process.

However, here’s an interesting factor – Rocksteady Games, the team that did the first two Arkham games, isn’t working on it.  It’s already got its hands full on the next true Batman experience, one reportedly based on the Silver Age of comic history, to arrive next year.  So who’s working on this Batman then?  Warner Bros. isn’t really saying…though they are confident it’s going to be a hit anyway.

We’ll have more news on the forthcoming Batman adventures as we get it.  Meanwhile…anyone seen our copy of The Dark Knight Rises?  It’s around here somewhere…

Prima Games Staff

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