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New Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Leak Reveals First Look At Unrevealed Character

by Liana Ruppert

An extended video posted up on reddit regarding Apex Legends season 2 with the first half being the launch trailer shown off earlier this week. It was the second part, however, that was the leak beginning after the 2-minute mark, and it’s there that we see our first look at a yet-to-be-revealed new Legend coming with the new season. 


Both season 2 trailers in FULL HD Quality! from r/apexlegends

Unless you haven’t already seen the first part of the trailer, feel free to skip past until the 2 minute mark. It’s there that we see more of Wattson, previously revealed during EA Play earlier this month, but we also see a hacker in the midst of dragon-filled chaos. Though the laptop isn’t new, the character associated with it is. According to commenters on the original reddit thread, the common consensus is that they will be EMP-focused, which is fairly obvious from the teaser. 

Crypto, according to popular theories, will run similarly to Pathfinder, though an official reveal has not happened yet for the latest Legend. 

The video also shows off incredible map changes, new weapons, a looming new threat, and a “Kings Canyon that will never be the same.” As for the new season, Apex Legends season 2 begins on July 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Are you excited to see what Respawn has in store for their free-to-play Apex Legends experience? Hit us up with your thoughts on the evolving state of the game over on Twitter @PrimaGames


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