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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Manga Series Kicks Off In June

by Liana Ruppert

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took over our lives like a hurricane and now the adorable entry is taking over our bookshelves! That’s right! A new Animal Crossing: New Horizons manga series is on the way with the first volume going live next month. 

The New Crossing manga series was confirmed in the latest issue of Coro Coro magazine and what we know so far is that the art stylings will be headed by Kokonasu Runpa and will make its debut in the middle of June. Also revealed, with translations courtesy of Animal Crossing World, is a sneak peek at some of the returning characters we can expect to see, including Blathers, CJ, Wisp, and our adorably beloved Isabelle: 

As for what the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons manga series will have to offer, there’s still a lot left to learn. We don’t know exactly what story will be told, perhaps a settled island life diary? Or maybe a prequel of sorts as to what led us to these islands in the first place? Who knows, but it’s cute so we’re already in. 

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With so many relationShips* being talked about in the game, especially with the popular fan-cannon Flick and CJ love interest, it will be interesting to see how the manga will steer through those waters. Will they plow right through with a more confirmed narrative, or will they avoid it altogether? Who knows, but one thing is for sure: this fandom can be terrifying at times (we say this with love) so whatever is confirmed or left out will be sure to have some form of conversation around it and probably some weird fanart as well. We live for the weird, no tea no shade. 

The first issue of the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons manga series in the Coro Coro Magazine will make its grand debut next month. What are you hoping to see from the latest manga to spawn from the beloved Animal Crossing-verse? What other characters are you hoping to see make their adorable manga comeback? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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