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New Alan Wake Remastered Trailer Shows Impressive Side-By-Side Comparisons

by Morgan Shaver

A new trailer for Alan Wake Remastered dropped today that focuses on the extensive visual improvements made to the game with some sleek side-by-side comparison shots for fans to admire.

While Alan’s face and facial animations look a little odd (to us), the rest of the game’s visuals look amazing, especially when it comes to in-game scenery and cutscenes.

New Alan Wake Remastered Trailer Shows Impressive Side-By-Side Comparisons

The latest trailer for Alan Wake Remastered is one that highlights the visual enhancements and improvements of the game.

In conjunction with the trailer, a new post on Xbox Wire was shared from Remedy Entertainment that goes over the work that was involved in remastering Alan Wake.

The post begins by noting they partnered with d3t on the remaster before going on to talk about the steps and what the team started working on first. 

“The first step with a project like this is called ‘cataloguing.’ This means breaking down the game into its component parts, going much further than simply listing all the things that make it what it is.” 

“All in all, when you consider environments, props, textures, sound effects, UI elements, cinematics, and a whole heap of supporting data, you’re easily looking at around 100,000 individual items. No small feat. Once that was done, development  for the remaster was then broken down into five core areas: coding, environment, characters, animation, and cinematics.” 

You can read more about the overall process in the Xbox Wire post.

Setting that aside for now, fans of the original game will likely want to know what new features they can look forward to in Alan Wake Remastered, such as improved visuals. According to the Xbox Wire post, the game runs at 4K at 60fps on Xbox Series X and 1080p at 60fps on Series X. 

“You can expect to see re-worked cutscenes with improved facial animations and lip-syncing, richer environments, and enhanced character models that have updated skin and hair shaders. Improvements have also been made to materials and textures in general, plus anti-aliasing, shadows, wind simulation, and increased draw distances.” 

In talking about the enhanced character models, this is where we personally feel the remaster can look a bit odd to fans of the original because, when compared to the original, the updated face for Alan Wake looks noticeably different.

Not a huge deal, but definitely something people have pointed out after watching the new comparison trailer. 

“Aside from the character models, the animation teams transformed the game by making significant upgrades to facial animations, core gameplay movement, and more. This involved creating new rigs for the characters’ faces, entirely new motion capture for dialogue, and more than 600 additional poses being created to give greater expression to the performances.”

Character models aren’t the only thing Remedy focused on as the Xbox Wire post explains that they had a dedicated sub-team working solely on the game’s trees and foliage.

Additionally, a team of artists worked on adding more detail to other aspects of the game’s environment such as buildings and vehicles. Overall, the remaster really does look phenomenal and we can’t wait to explore the newly remastered Bright Falls once Alan Wake Remastered launches on October 5.

Until then, what do you think of the visual improvements made to Alan Wake? Do you like the new facial animations and environmental details? Let us know in the comments below, and on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter!

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