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Netflix The Witcher Series Reportedly Casts Game of Thrones Star For Season 2

by Liana Ruppert

Tormund is officially invading The Witcher, at least according to a recent casting report regarding the Netflix The Witcher season 2. If everything goes according to plan, Kristofer Hivju will be taking a role under the codename “Nigel,” which fans have already speculated could mean the character Nivellen. 

According to a recent report from Redanian Intelligence, a site that claims to have seen the full season 2 casting sheet, the description of “Nigel” labels the character as a “charismatic, witty and funny man” that comes from aristocratic roots and has been met with a fateful curse due to past wrongdoings.


This description certainly falls in line with Nivellen as a character, who was explored in more detail in the original book series with the short story “A Grain of Truth.” In this story, Nivellen is in full cursed form when our main man Geralt of Rivia finds him within his decrepit manor. Once witty, now cursed, it seems very likely that Nigel is Nivellen and if the Hivju casting leak is correct, we think he could really pull it off! 

Haven’t had a chance to check out The Witcher Netflix series yet for its first season? Want to watch so you can understand all of the seemingly weird memes out there surrounding the “Hmm” show? Then make sure to check it out on Netflix now! 

So when do you think about how The Witcher Netflix series handled source material so far and about the potential Hivju casting?  What do you hope the next wave of episodes has to offer when thinking about what both the novels and the games gave us? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames


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