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Netflix Introduces “Max” Guide for PlayStation 3

by Prima Games Staff

Netflix is one of the most popular apps on the PlayStation Network, mainly because of the hundreds of thousands of programs available for viewing.  However, if you’re having trouble finding something to watch, there’s a new addition that can help you out.

Say hello to “Max”, the latest recommendation enhancement for the PS3 Netflix app.  Put together by the developers at Jackbox Games – who worked on the You Don’t Know Jack series under their prior name, Jellyvision – “Max” provides a few key choices for what you’re in the mood for, then starts one of a number of mini-games to find the best selection.

In addition, “Max” also provides smarmy yet informative 30-second descriptions of programs to fill you in on what you’re about to watch. You can get a better idea how “Max” works with this video tutorial.  It’s free of charge, and should be available on the Netflix app now.

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