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Netflix BioShock Movie in Production

by Lucas White

Today, Netflix announced it is working alongside Take-Two subsidiary Vertigo Entertainment to produce a film adaptation of BioShock. Regarded highly as a classic by critics and fans, BioShock played a big role in modernizing the “immersive sim” genre when it launched in 2007. As far as this adaptation is concerned, we’re a little short on details. Sorry!

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This isn’t the first time an attempt was made to translate BioShock from videogames to movies. The game was such an immediate success that a movie deal with Universal Studios was nailed out in 2008, with Gore Verbinski as director. Verbinski was eventually replaced by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo after departing based on budget issues. Verbinski stayed involved as a producer, but BioShock’s hard R rating wasn’t attracting investors after Zack Snyder’s Watchmen performed below expectations at the box office. This attempt was canceled sometime between 2010 and 2013.

All we know about the netflix project is it’s a movie, and that I personally think it’s safe to assume the budget won’t be the $200 million Verbinski wouldn’t budge from. More details will presumably trickle out, but for now that’s literally it!


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