The World of Neopets Team Confirms That They’ve Been Hit by DDoS Attack

The Grey Faerie isn't the only one feeling sad today.

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The World of Neopets team has just publicly announced that they had been hit by a DDoS attack yesterday, with repercussions ongoing at this time. This is unfortunate yet welcome information for players who are having significant issues with the website. Numerous players had been reporting that they were having problems logging in, dealing with recurring 403 errors, and generally experiencing a very laggy website.

The Neopets team shared this news on multiple social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Neopet users quickly thanked the new team for their communication and transparency.

Communication has been an issue with previous Neopets teams, undoubtedly due to the fact that there were minimal staff working on the website. When the World of Neopets team announced their takeover, financial situation, and other essential information, they mentioned that the website had been a financial loss for the last decade. Everyone working there was stretched thin in an attempt to cover all bases.

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As of now, the lack of communication in the past seems to be rectified. Neopets stated that they are in the process of restoring the website to its previous functionality and are requesting user patience at this time. In particular, there are issues when it comes to logging in. Multiple users are receiving temporary soft bans as a result. Users are assured that these will be rectified soon. Until then, all players can do is sit tight and wait until full website functionality is restored.

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