Believe it or not, the Fast and Furious movies aren’t Need for Speed tie-ins, but there is one coming in 2014, EA and DreamWorks have announced.

DreamWorks has been quick to start the ball rolling, and plans on a 2014 release with a production start slotted in for next year. The film’s being written by brothers George (She’s Out of my League) and John (Dreamer, Real Steel, Flight) Gatins.

The Need for Speed film won’t be based on a particular game, and instead will be on the series as a whole. EA aims to produce with film with John Gatins and Mark Sourian. Act of Valor man Scott Waugh sits in the director’s chair.

EA has stated that the movie will be a "fast-paced, high-octane film rooted in the tradition of the great car culture films of the 70s while being extremely faithful to the spirit of the video game franchise".

"In Need for Speed," EA continued, "the cars are hot, the racing is intense and the story keeps players at the edge of their seat."

Frank Gibeau of EA talked of being “thrilled” with this chance to work with DreamWorks chairman Steve Spielberg. "They are the perfect partner to take Need for Speed to the big screen by creating the exciting action film that we have always envisioned," he said.

Patrick Soderlund, an exec at EA, himself a bit of a driving man, said: "It's fantastic to be working with a team that shares not only our love of cars, but also our passion for creating blockbuster action experiences. This collaboration will be greatly enhanced with the team at DreamWorks - which is a great home for the Need for Speed franchise."

Spielberg even made comment, adding: "I'm excited about getting back into the creative trenches with John and George Gatins and my partners at EA to bring to life an exhilarating script based on an epic video game that seems to have been made for the movies.

"This is a big piece of business for DreamWorks and we are grateful to Frank Gibeau, Pat O'Brien, Kevin Maher and John and George for choosing us to deliver their goods."