Upcoming racer Need for Speed: Most Wanted comes with an updated version of social racing service Autolog, developer Criterion has revealed.

Autolog 2.0 will have a site online with a range of functions. The site will allow for users to see race recommendations, has the ability to let users tag events for quick access when they go back to their game, and boasts comment and picture-sharing functionality. It’s a lot like Battlefield 3’s Battlelog, a service that tracked a whole bunch of stats from the game.

The service will allow users to customize their recommendations so people can play against their favorite (or least favorite?) rivals. There’s a function a little like that of Facebook’s which allows you to "turn down the volume on a particular friend and focus the action on someone you absolutely must beat", so says the EA Need for Speed website.

Autolog 2.0 will track a whole host of stats including jump distances, speed camera hits and top speeds, all in a completely seamless manner.

Every player will have his or her own Most Wanted score, which is determined by their collected stats across the board, this will then be fed into a leaderboard so you can see which and how many of your friends are better than you.

Most Wanted is coming this November, and Criterion are a company worth keeping an eye on as they built Burnout Paradise, which this title appears to be borrowing quite heavily from.