NBA 2K15 Momentous Trailer Will Inspire You to Break Some Ankles

Just don't blow out your knee on the way to the store.

No disrespect to baseball fans, but it’s time for “America’s pastime” and Derek Jeter to take a back seat to make room for the NBA. That’s right. Let’s wrap up the World Series by handing over the trophy to some wild card team that only won because the sport has embarrassingly short playoffs that allow such things to happen, and from there, bounce the rock on some hardwood.  

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Rant aside (seriously, the baseball season is so long), we can’t wait to see how LeBron and the Cavs perform on the court, whether the Spurs can repeat and if the Knicks can co-exist; in a word, shenanigans. Before any of that happens, we have NBA 2K15 launching October 7, and the new Momentous trailer has us ready to perform virtual crossovers and alley-oop dunks. Let us know if it moved you.

Yes, we know the wild card teams make baseball exciting. 

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