It's almost that time again. The folks at the National Basketball Association are lacing up their sneakers for a full season (unlike the condensed one they had last year) and 2K Sports is readying its champion basketball game series, while EA Sports tries to figure out what to do with theirs. Oh well, let's dunk!


2K has announced that they have released the demo for NBA 2K13 for Xbox Live, and the demo will be coming shortly to PlayStation Network as well. In it, you'll either be able to play on your own or against a friend either online or off reliving a quarter of last year's NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Will you guide LeBron James and company to victory or is it time for OKC to have an upset? It's your call.


The Xbox demo also includes full implementation of the Kinect in case you feel like doing some play-calling or spewing foul obscenities. The choice is yours.


It takes barely under 1 GB of space, so we highly suggest checking this demo out before the game releases on October 2nd for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Who's ready to play?!