There’s no question that one of Portal 2’s more memorable moments came from the chatterbox robot that wouldn’t shut up about going into space.  But now it could very well be getting its wish.

An anonymous tech at NASA was able to use laser engraving to put an image of the space core on a Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft, headed to the international space station, along with the quote “In spaaaaaaaaace!”  This particular piece is set to launch to the space station on Friday, July 27 at around 10:06 EDT.  You can watch the launch here.

And yes, Valve has noticed.  "NASA in no way officially endorses secretly laser-engraving characters from Portal onto their spacecraft," the Portal 2 blog states. "Believe it or not, they don't even officially endorse Portal 2, despite the fact that it's a really excellent game."  Hmmm, perhaps they should play it.  IN SPACE!